Something like normal: DJing the punk show, fixing Lizzie’s godawful ties, getting lectured by Jack for screwing up yet again. It’s the best Jamie can hope for, what he’s been working for every day since they got to the Academy, spirited out of the city in the wake of his sister’s death. Alice. He can hardly even say her name out loud.

Then Jamie gets sick like Alice, and Lizzie and Jack are terrified that their family tragedy is about to repeat itself. But Jamie’s illness has a different—and stranger—result. When he awakes a month later, he finds he’s been completely transformed.

Into her. Into Alice. A perfect copy.

A new face, a new name, a new life. Nevermind “normal,” Jamie—now going by the name Leigh—has his hands full just trying to put himself back together, finding any kind of way to fit back in. But locked in his new body is a dangerous secret, and there are powerful people who’ll stop at nothing to control it.

Caught up in the middle of something so big that it started before they were even born, it’s up to Leigh and his friends to uncover the uncanny truth behind his transformation—and behind his sister’s death—before they all run out of options. And before the shadowy figures playing with their lives can pull them apart for good.


Content Notices

Displacement deals with violence, illness, and loss of a family member, as well as sexuality and gender transformations which, while fictionalized, certain readers may feel are analogous to their own situations. I’ve tried to treat these issues with care, but even so I feel that readers should have the choice to know what they’re getting into before reading.

This is a link to a more thorough—but also more spoilery—discussion of what takes place in the novel.