Shorter Things


I write short stories when nobody’s looking, but I’m not exactly prolific and I haven’t been sending them out for very long, so there’s only so many you can see—you can read my latest story now (for free!): “After Angels” has been published over at Haven Spec. You can also read “The Stealing Gift” over at Kaleidotrope,  “A Study in Pink and Gold,” at Abyss & Apex, “Hello World” at The Colored Lens, and “A Coronation” in Necessary Fiction. Meanwhile I’ve got others on submission elsewhere, and of course a very healthy list of rejections I can read if I’m ever feeling too proud of myself.


At this point, I’ve got three degrees and (god willing) no plans for any more, so most of what I do with it is writing. My dissertation was on how to use the idea of the remix to better understand the way we tell and (and retell) stories, so that’s what I tend to write about. I’ve got a piece on the crowdsourced nature of time travel in the Russell T. Davies years of Doctor Who, in The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T Davies Era of the New Doctor Who, and another one about vikings, tattoos, and white supremacism in a book about the TV show Vikings called Vikings and the Vikings: Essays on Television’s History Channel Series. I’m always open to new projects, so if you’re putting together something about pop culture or lit that you think might be in my wheelhouse, drop me a line.


When you’re a parent, you don’t always have time to write things that are as long as a short story (lol), so sometimes that means poetry. I rarely try to get them published, but very occasionally you can find things online. Here’s on called “Birds in Flight” over at Strange Horizons, and another called “Tideland” over at Ghost City Press.