In addition to writing, I’m also an editor by trade. My day job is helping to run Ledger—the world’s first peer-reviewed journal dedicated entirely to cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and shared ledger technologies—as its Deputy Managing Editor. Now in its sixth year, Ledger has published dozens of important articles on everything from computer science and mathematics to politics and philosophy. Ledger is indexed by several major indexing services, including Web of Science and Scopus, and is (and will always be) free to read. I’m quite proud of the work we’ve done in creating and maintaining the journal, and I hope you’ll check it out (if that’s your thing). 

I also do freelance work, line- and copyediting (and proofreading) private projects often in the same (or related) fields—for instance Bitcoin for the Befuddled by Chris Wilmer and Conrad Barski, and Bitcoin and the Future of Fundraising, by Jason Shim and Anne Connelly. If you have a project and you’re in need of an editor, feel free to contact me regarding rates and scheduling.