Mouse wouldn’t be your first choice to stop the apocalypse. He wouldn’t even be his own.

“Primarily non-verbal,” his file says, “anxiety and communication difficulty, nevertheless considerably bright.”

The world’s too loud for Mouse, all his dials are set to eleven, and just talking—let alone making friends—presents a very real challenge. But for reasons he can’t imagine, a purple-haired punk named Bliss has Decided They’re Friends, and things—for once—are looking up.

Then, he meets a ghost and learns some magic, while an ancient cabal of alchemists and sorcerers alternately try to kidnap and enlist him.

Because, you see, he’s their last hope for saving the world, and the proverbial clock is ticking.

Mouse wouldn’t be your first choice to stop the apocalypse.

But then, sometimes life makes these choices for you.

Mouse is a young adult contemporary fantasy novel starring an autistic protagonist, featuring friends, monsters, alchemy, and a looming apocalypse. Nice people have said nice things about it. I think you’ll like it.

“A complex and tangled story intense with significance. Highly recommended.”

Farah Mendlesohn, Hugo Award-winning editor of The Cambridge Companion to Science Fiction and author of A Short History of Fantasy

“A clever and compelling mash-up of magical realism and fantasy, Mouse will hold you in its mystical grip until the very last page.”

Deb Loughead, author of The Snowball Effect and The Secrets We Keep

“Beautifully written, part ghost-story, part mystery, part love letter to anime and part mind-expanding exploration of teen relationships…this is a book that will make you believe in the impossible.”

Alice Kuipers, award-winning author of Life on the Refrigerator Door

“A fun urban fantasy with roots in medieval alchemy and ceremonial magic . . . it’s also a book with a pretty badass #ownvoices autistic protagonist from a somewhat under-represented part of the spectrum.

Ada Hoffman, author of The Outside

“A superb example of well written, engaging, speculative fiction. Edgy, unique, and fresh urban fantasy.”

Lynn Kempner, Grimmedian

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