Displacement—Content Discussion

Displacement tells the story of Jamie Goldmark, a male-presenting bi/pan cisgender boy who, early in the narrative, finds his body transformed into a copy of his dead twin sister’s body. Still a bi/pan boy, but now in a body that presents as female, Jamie takes on the name Leigh because the transformation is considered by his father to be too much for his fellow students to believe. Jamie/Leigh never changes from he/him pronouns, but does over the course of the narrative question whether he’s “really” a boy—he’s sure he’s not a girl, but wonders whether he might be nonbinary. He does not reach a decision during the narrative. There is also a brief discussion of Leigh’s first menstruation (p.27), which, though not graphic, could potentially be upsetting to some readers given the context.

Displacement also contains scenes of hospitalization (p.11-15, 135-138); gun violence (p.130-134, 205-207); and death by a science-fictional weapon (p. 308-309).

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