Life in Lockdown

Being a writer is, a lot of ways, about figuring out how to make space in your head for your ideas to grow. And right now? Not a lot of space up there, what with all the anxiety about health and money and the creeping rise of fascism at home and around the world. So I’ve been spending time doing my “day job” (there’s two new articles out over at Ledger, if you’re into cryptocurrency studies!), mudding the room that’ll eventually be my bedroom, splitting some wood so I can have more fire pit nights as things warm up, and other things to keep the anxiety at bay. I feel a lot like a shark—keep swimming or you’ll drown—so I try to stay in motion. It’s not like I’m not getting *any* writing done—that’d be its own set of anxieties—but these are unusual circumstances and it’s hard to stay focused.

All of which is to say that I made a video in which I turn leftover mac ‘n’ cheese into toasties, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Stay safe, Misfits.