A Kind of Paralysis

I very nearly went with the picture above as my post today.

This, despite knowing full well that I need to be writing and sharing more, especially as a way of advertising Displacement.

Thing is, it’s scary letting a book go out into the world, especially when it hasn’t been read by many people yet. I think I can count the number of people who’ve read it—cover-to-cover in the final draft—on one hand at this point. So it’s been getting increasingly hard to actually, you know, do anything.

I mean, that’s defining “anything” as “anything productive” and not “posting random thoughts on social media.”

Two tweets from my Twitter feed (@schadenford) reading: 

Why do we refer to toasted bread as "toast"?

Are toasted marshmallows also "toast"? Or is this a feature inherent to bread?

If I fry bread, does it become "fry"?

So many questions.

In related news I'm about to eat some toast and now you're not totally sure what I mean.
Case in point

So I figured I’d do what I usually do when I’m panicking, and that’s Make A Plan:

  • Every Saturday from here until Displacement‘s Book Birthday (that’s February 11, if you’re keeping track), I’m going to post a teaser from the text.
  • Every Tuesday I’m going to fill you in on details about the characters and setting—as much as I can without spoilers.
  • And Fridays are going to be reserved for posts like this: random musings, panic, public writing masquerading as therapy, that sort of thing.

In between, you might get posts here and there about my approach to writing or other news, but from here on until February 11, you can probably expect at least three posts a week.

Mission “Annoy People Into Knowing Your Book Exists” is greenlit.

Stay cool, Misfits.