New Story: “A Study in Pink and Gold”

I forgot to mention it on here! I have a new story over at Abyss & Apex called “A Study in Pink and Gold.” It’s a pretty quiet story about an artist—a little funny, a little sad—and features some of my favourite aliens I’ve written so far. I hope you like it!

He sits on the roof and takes another bite of bland, convenience store sushi, watching the massive body of a Drifter float by at eye level. He likes to come up here to eat lunch most days. On the rare occasion someone asks, he says it’s because the wind up on the thirty-story roof is fresher and cleaner than the stuffy canned air in the call center below. In truth, he just thinks the company’s better.

The Drifter’s massive bulk ripples, slowing its progress, and an eye the size of a dinner table swivels in its socket to peer at him with the same mixture of boredom and complacency with which he’s eating his lunch.

This is fine, it seems to say.

He supposes it is.

[Read on, over at Abyss & Apex…]