DISPLACEMENT — Coming 2019 from Prospective Press!


Jamie’s twin Alice died two years ago. But even the passage of time and a change of scenery hasn’t made it any easier. He can barely say her name out loud, let alone move on.

Then he gets sick, too, and his sister Lizzie and best friend Jack start to worry that they’re about to see history repeat itself. But instead of killing him, the illness does something else: it rebuilds him from scratch.

As a perfect copy of Alice.

Now stuck playing pieces in a cryptic game, Jamie, his family, and his friends must fight to discover who’s behind the transformation—before they make their final move.

I am thrilled to formally announce that my queer teen sci-fi novel DISPLACEMENT has been picked up by Prospective Press with a tentative publication date of 2019!

In the coming weeks and months you’ll probably hear me talking about it on and off, introducing you to the characters, and setting the stage for everything, but if you like the sound of

  • queer teen sci-fi
  • a bi\pan gender-questioning punk of an MC, and
  • siblings and friends working together to uncover world-spanning conspiracies

then I think you’re going to love DISPLACEMENT.

I can’t wait for you to read it.

Also: My first Publishers Marketplace announcement!!!

The featured image is composed of four modified photographs, all released by their generous creators under Creative Commons—Attribution—ShareAlike 2.0 licenses: “Esprit de Corps” by Evonne; “Big Apple from Above 1” by Jakob Nilsson-Ehle; “Covington” by Ryan Hallock; and “New York City, Manhattan, NoHo, Lafayette St.” by (vincent desjardins).

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