It’s official: MOUSE has “launched”!

Yesterday, MOUSE—a novel about an autistic teen and his friends who’re given the unenviable task of Saving The World™—went live on Amazon (US and UK), Barnes and Noble (US), Chapters/Indigo (CAN), and through many independent local stores who use the Ingram distribution network. If you pre-ordered it, it should arrive shortly, and if you didn’t, you can (non-pre-)order it now!

I’d just like to take a minute to thank each and every person who’s supported me along the way, as well as everyone who came to the little shindig we had in Brighton yesterday to celebrate the launch. Among other things, I’ve learned that a novel is a hell of a lot like an iceberg: yes, there’s a lot more going on than you can see, but also, if you don’t have a team of people watching out, it can sink you. So thank you all.

And if you like it? Tell someone, on Goodreads, Amazon, or even in meatspace (“real life”). Every review counts.


Order links:

US: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Porter Square Books, Harvard Bookstore, Brookline Booksmith, (etc.)

CANADA: Chapters/Indigo, Amazon (Kindle & Third Party)

UK: Amazon