A Poem and a Mouse Update

Welcome back! First I wanted to share a poem I wrote, “I Fight Monsters,” that came out a couple of weeks ago over at Strange Horizons. It’s somewhere between spoken word poetry and Beowulf fanfic, so go check that out if you have the chance. I’m told it sounds pretty cool if you read it out loud, and Quick Sip Reviews really seemed to like it, so maybe you will too!

Second: August 1 is coming FAST. Exhibit A: These awesome photos that prove the hardcover is a real thing that exists in this world (even if I don’t have a copy¬†yet).

I’m duty-bound to mention that right this minute you can pre-order it online at Prospective Press’s merchant site. If you use the code FSMOUSE you’ll even get it with free shipping (in the US). News about Canadian and UK ordering will be coming really soon, so watch this space (though if you love indie bookstores as much as you love indie publishers, you should totally find your local purveyor of books and ask them to order it for you).

Anyhow that’s all for today, thanks again for checking in!