I write things, and sometimes people even publish them. Here’s a little about my latest projects, and some forthcoming work.


This Week In Tomorrow is a blog where I and some of my friends write about┬áscience, technology, skepticism, feminism, and futurism. The project started as a way of getting my head out of the academic space it’s been occupying for the past nearly seven years, working on applying remix culture to medieval literature (more on that here). Since I started it four years ago as a once-a-week roundup of the latest news, it’s expanded into a five- or even six-days-a-week endeavour. Sundays are still reserved for the news roundup, but now Mondays are┬áreserved for the craziest things I’ve seen in the previous week or so, Fridays are reserved for our weekly Feminist Fridays pieces, and everything in between is filled with whatever catches my attention. If you’re short on things to read online, you could do worse than taking a look.


“Hello, World” is a short story published in September 2016 in The Colored Lens. It grew out of an interview I heard back in 2014 about a team of roboticists who had taught a robot to walk with a broken leg by simulating what could only be described as a lifetime of broken legs — 13,000 broken-legged gaits in total — so that if anything went wrong it’d be able to cope near instantaneously. And the beauty of it was, as they related it, that they could copy that experience into any similar robot: a robot only needs to learn once, and that knowledge can be reproduced in any subsequent model. “Hello, World” is the first step into the world of the “Alices,” which I’m currently expanding in things I hope to publish in the future. You can read it here.


Coming Soon

  • “I Fight Monsters,” a poem slated for publication in May 2017 in Strange Horizons
  • “Mouse,” a young adult novel slated for publication next summer by Prospective Press