write things—hell, most of what I do during my waking hours is writing things. I write fiction, for starters—I’ve got a handful of stories under my belt, a novel you probably haven’t read, and another coming soon (I hope you’ll read both). But I also write academically, on medieval things, pop culture things, race- and racism-related things. I didn’t get that fancy doctorate with all that Latin writing on it for nothing, you know. Occasionally I blog, too—though most of the time I just edit my co-blogger’s amazing posts, over at Into The Void. Here’s some things I’ve written.


Mouse is a young adult contemporary fantasy novel starring an autistic protagonist, featuring friends, monsters, alchemy, and a looming apocalypse. Nice people have said nice things about it. I think you’ll like it.

Mouse wouldn’t be your first choice to stop the apocalypse. He wouldn’t even be his own.

“Primarily non-verbal,” his file says, “anxiety and communication difficulty, nevertheless considerably bright.”

The world’s too loud for Mouse, all his dials are set to eleven, and just talking—let alone making friends—presents a very real challenge. But for reasons he can’t imagine, a purple-haired punk named Bliss has Decided They’re Friends, and things—for once—are looking up.

Then, he meets a ghost and learns some magic, while an ancient cabal of alchemists and sorcerers alternately try to kidnap and enlist him.

Because, you see, he’s their last hope for saving the world, and the proverbial clock is ticking.

Mouse wouldn’t be your first choice to stop the apocalypse.

But then, sometimes life makes these choices for you.


I write short stories when nobody’s looking, but I haven’t been sending them out for very long, so there’s only so many you can see—you can read my latest story now (for free!): “A Study in Pink and Gold” has been published over at Abyss & Apex. You can find another, called “Hello World,” here, and one called “A Coronation” here. I’ve sold a story to Kaleidotrope, but because of the lead times on these things, you won’t see it until 2021 (don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it shows up). Meanwhile I’ve got others on submission elsewhere, and of course a very healthy list of rejections I can read if I’m ever feeling too proud of myself. 


At this point, I’ve got three degrees and no plans for any more, so most of what I do with it is writing. My dissertation is still under embargo at Boston College while I work on trying to turn it into a book about remixes and medieval storytelling. I’ve also got a piece on the crowdsourced nature of time travel in the Russell T. Davies years of Doctor Who, and another one about vikings, tattoos, and white supremacism in a party volume about the TV show Vikings coming late this year from McFarland. Don’t worry, I’ll be loud enough about it when new stuff drops that you won’t be able to miss it.

Into The Void

Into The Void is a blog I started a while back with a friend of mine who goes by the name of Elle Irise, a.k.a. Feminist Fury. I’ve written about GMOs being good; the problems with the myth we call the American Dream; free speech enthusiasts; the idea of “tribalism” and why maybe we shouldn’t call it that in 2019; how white supremacism is more than what you think it is (and the defense that being called a white supremacist makes you act like one); how “privilege” isn’t an insult; on impostor syndrome, and treating robots like people, and just how totally, incredibly massive an amount of money a billion dollars is. But I fell off the wagon a while back so now if you go, you’ll be treated to a series of brilliant posts about feminism and pop culture by Elle. Mostly I do the design and editing. Arguably it’s made the site better. Go check it out.