Selling Books Is Hard

There are a number of things I’m happy about, when it comes to being represented by a (very) small publisher—the flexibility, the personal relationships, the feeling of being in a community working toward a common goal—but one of the things I’m jealous of, when it comes to authors published by the “big five,” is the […]

Queer Young Punks

When I was working on the initial drafts of the scribbles that would eventually become Displacement, the working title was “Queer Young Punks,” named for the punk band the main characters play in. I’ve always had a bit of a love affair with punk—hell, I played a couple of punk shows myself, way the hell […]

The Jenny Q Rule

This is the second of four excerpts from Displacement, which hits the shelves February 11, 2020. You can pre-order a hardcover copy now directly from Prospective Press (US only, for now), and e-reader preorders are coming soon! Come back next Saturday for another excerpt, and Tuesdays and Fridays for more! *** “Jamie, be serious for a […]

“Young Adult”

I think of myself as a writer of speculative fiction, SFF, slipstream—those are my preferred genres. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve written something that didn’t fall under those umbrellas in the better part of a decade. My short stories and novels all have fantastical elements, and the books I prefer to read all do […]

The Test

This is the first of four excerpts from Displacement, which hits the shelves February 11, 2020. Come back next Saturday for more! *** The klaxon sounds and the yellow lights swing into life, rotating shadows around the concrete room. Thirty seconds. Less than three months ago, he’d received a curious late-night phone call. Was he […]

Four Weeks, Second Books

Displacement—my second book, a stand-alone, queer YA sci-fi novel—comes out in just four weeks and I’m both excited and very nervous. You’ll often hear people say that second books are a lot harder than first ones, and for different reasons. On the one hand, you’ve got people with agents and “Big Five” publishers (Hachette, HarperCollins, […]