About the Site

Hi, my name’s Richard. Think of this site like an extended business card, but with a little more character (and a lot more information). At the top you’ll find links to my work in varying┬ácapacities — “writer,” “scholar,” and “solver.” The blog posts that will appear from time to time will highlight my latest ventures, from recent publications to new syllabuses to the latest and greatest from the journal Ledger, for which I serve as the Deputy Managing Editor. There’s even a link to contact me by means arcane and, I think, PHP-related. I hope you like what you see.


About Me

A freelance writer, mercenary academic, and problem-solver-for-hire, I’m also the owner of precisely one cat. My day job is finishing up a PhD in English at Boston College, where I write about remix theory and medieval literature. I also moonlight as the Deputy Managing Editor of Ledger, the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, hosted at the University of Pittsburgh. When I’m not doing either of those, I run a team blog dedicated to science, technology, skepticism, feminism, and futurism calling itself This Week In Tomorrow; I work on ideation challenges over at Innocentive.com; and I furiously scribble away at fiction or poetry in a mad attempt to share my ideas with the world. My first novel, Mouse, will be published later this year by Prospective Press.