About the Site

Hi, my name’s Richard. At the top you’ll find links to brief descriptions of things I do—writing, art, et cetera—and on the main page you’ll see blog posts when I have time. Those are to highlight my latest ventures, from recent publications to new art to the latest and greatest from the journal Ledger, for which I serve as the Deputy Managing Editor. There’s even a link to contact me by means arcane and, I think, PHP-related. I hope you like what you see.

About Me

A writer, freelance academic, and exceedingly amateur graphic artist, I’m also the owner of precisely one cat. I recently finished a PhD in English at Boston College, where I wrote about remix theory and medieval literature. My day job at this point is as the Deputy Managing Editor of Ledger, the first peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the study of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, hosted at the University of Pittsburgh. My first novel, Mouse, was published last year by Prospective Press, my next one, Displacement, comes out this fall, and I’ve got a couple of other things in the pipeline I can’t wait to share with you all (when the time comes).

About Ember

This website’s mascot is Chibi Ember, the cartoon version of my wonderful, beautiful, and completely inexplicable cat. She’s my writing partner, unnecessary summer heating pad, breaker of lines-of-thought, defender against things invisible, and general one-kitty-stampede. There are (at the time of writing) roughly 300 photos of her on her instagram, MostlyJustEmber, and if you like photos of beautiful cats, you should go check her out.